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Quantum of Solace Movie Review and Trailer

Quantum of Solace

The highly anticipated follow-up to the 2006 hit Casino Royale sees the action pick up following the end of the previous film. An unreal car chase to Sienna begins this action heavy instalment as secret agent 007 searches for answers on the death of Vesper Lynd.

Daniel Craig returns as James Bond and enters into an exciting chase sequence with awe inspiring stunts be it incredibly unrealistic.

An assignation attempt is made on Bond's boss and friend M, with all leads pointing to successful businessman Dominic Greene.

Travelling to Haiti, Bond enters hand to hand combat on a sound bed of shattering glass, he then travels to some other places and does the same. A little shy on story the filmmakers just throw some more scattered shattering glass sounds and fight scenes to pad out the two hours.

The film presents an exciting, explosive culmination which you would come to expect from a bond movie. The fiery buildings destroyed at the end must have cost more than some independent movies entire budget.

The final scene answers questions, offers character development and also a glimpse at some truly awful looking rubbish fake snow.

The classic bond theme offering a bed to the credits seems very outdated and doesn't seem to fit the new cool and angry James Bond persona. Minus the camp charm of Roger Moore, Craig certainly seems more believable as a super hard secret agent. Although less affable than Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig is potentially the best James Bone ever, even though he looks like Alfred E. Neuman.


Daniel CraigJames Bond
Olga KurylenkoCamille Montes
Mathieu AmalricDominic Greene
Judi DenchM
Giancarlo GianniniRené Mathis
Jeffrey WrightFelix Leiter
Gemma ArtertonStrawberry Fields
DirectorMarc Forster
ProducerBarbara Broccoli

Movie Trivia: When quizzed about the movie, Bond number three Roger Moore shared "Daniel Craig was a damn good Bond but the film as a whole, there was a bit too much flash cutting, it was just like a commercial of the action. There didn't seem to be any geography and you were wondering what the hell was going on".


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