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Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas Movie Review and Trailer

Zack and Kelly go from school bells to wedding bells!

Saved by the Bell Wedding in Las Vegas The feature length episode opens with Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Dead man on Campus), everybody's favourite hunk A.C (Mario Lopez, Dancing With the Stars) and Screech (Dustin Diamond, Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling) back at Bayside High School reminiscing.

Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski are getting married in Vegas. The film is a feature length after the finale of Saved by The Bell: The College Years where Zack finally proposed to Kelly.

Zack's father doesn't approve and formally shares his views of a Vegas wedding with Zack at dinner and declares that he will definitely not attend and that he really wants him to graduate before becoming wed. Zack's mother tells him that she thinks he is too young at nineteen but supports him anyway and generously presents him with two tickets to stay at the now defunct Stardust hotel.

Kelly and her best friend, SBTB mainstay Lisa Turtle, are finally en route to Nevada in Lisa's convertible as Zack, Screech and A.C are travelling in Slater's rented SUV. They leave LA headed to Vegas sharing wedding plans in the girl's case and their favourite action film stars in the guy's camp.

The boys get pulled over when Zack's turn to drive comes by a police officer. Asking for A.C's vehicle registration he realises that he doesn't have it, and after the copper runs a check on the car he proudly shares the SUV is stolen and has to arrest the trio in suspicion of thieving their own rented car. If only Mr Belding was here…

Lisa and Kelly's car breaks down and they are desperate for help with only a topless man to help. Will any of them make making it to Las Vegas on time or at all? Will Kelly and Zack get married or not?

The final hurrah for the original Saved by the Bell cast, of course with the exception of a cameo in 'the new class' which was broadcast the same year. Watching this feature length is the end of an era and will help anyone who watched the TV show reminisce back to the early nineties. Unlike the TV show, the increasingly nerdy Screech seems deliver most of the comedy in this TV movie.

Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie and Dennis Haskins as Mr Belding play brief cameos. The stand-out performance is by the comedian Gilbert Gottfried (Thumbelina, Problem Child) who plays Bert Banner, owner of a male escort agency.


Mark-Paul GosselaarZack Morris
Tiffani-Amber ThiessenKelly Kapowski
Mario LópezA.C. Slater
Lark VoorhiesLisa Turtle
Dustin DiamondSamuel 'Screech' Powers
Liz VasseyCarla
Gilbert GottfriedBert Banner
DirectorJeffrey Melman
ProducerAnthony Santa Croce

Movie Trivia: Originally a ninety minute piece, the movie was cut into several 20 minute episodes and broadcast on the American television network NBC. Several years later Saved by the Bell DVD was finally released.


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