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Starsky and Hutch Movie Review and Trailer

They're the man

Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch is the 2004 big screen remake of the 70's TV cop show. The remake features Owen Wilson (You, Me and Dupree, Wedding Crashers) and Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) as crime fighters David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson.

The movie opens with Vince Vaughn (of Swingers and Psycho fame) wearing a ridiculous moustache and is a Cocaine baron who merrily shoots an underboss on his boat for insubordination.

David Starsky (Stiller) is chasing a criminal in an unrealistic yet funny scene over rooftops jumping fifty feet from one heady rooftop to another, landing then merely brushing himself off. Starsky is an honest hard working albeit not very good cop. Starsky's mother was a great officer but David is in her shadow, plus he keeps messing up which Captain Doby isn't shy of telling him.

Detective Ken Hutchinson (Wilson) begins the film by robbing a bookie with his buddies only to get caught by the police at which point he claims to be under cover.

After both incidents Captain Doby decides to put Starsky and Hutch together as neither can keep a partner, sharing "You two deserve each other". The pair hit the streets of Bay City in Starsky's Ford Gran Torino. It turns out Starsky's Gran Torino is a better undercover vehicle than Hutch's camper van.

The story revolves around the Vaughn character, Feldman who has created a new type of coke which is largely undetectable unless scientifically tested and appears little more than coffee sweetener in look taste but obviously not smell... He plans to flood the streets with this new form of cocaine and make millions of dollars, unless Starsky and Hutch can work out his plan.

Starsky and Hutch provides many, many amusing one liner. One of the film's funniest and biggest laughs comes when David and Ken are called to a crime scene where they find a body laying motionless in the water, deciding the body will probably be too difficult to identify Hutch tries pushing the body back into sea with a stick by poking it in the groin to the dismay of Starsky. While calling it in Hutch robs the cash from the wallet.

Will Ferrell (Step Brothers, Anchorman) is entertaining as Big Earl, a jailbird who has a fascination with sexy dragons. The undercover scenes which involve the pair incorporating costumes and wigs are mostly hilarious. With a superb 70's soundtrack this movie is a winner.

Enjoy the Bill Shakespeare quote, go on, do it.


Ben StillerDavid Starsky
Owen WilsonKen Hutchinson
Snoop DoggHuggy Bear
Vince VaughnReese Feldman
Fred WilliamsonCaptain Doby
Juliette LewisKitty
Carmen ElectraStaci
DirectorTodd Phillips
ProducerAkiva Goldsman

Movie Trivia: There were several different Ford Gran Torino cars made for the motion picture, most of which were destroyed during the production. One that still remains is housed in the Imperial Palace car collection in Las Vegas, Nevada and is on display to the public.


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