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Step Brothers Movie Review and Trailer

They Grow up so Fast.

Step BrothersStep Brothers is the tale of Brennan (Will Ferrell of SNL & Anchorman fame) and Dale (John C. Reilly, Talladega Nights) who are both unemployed and still live at home with their single parents. Brennan with his mother Nancy (Mary Steenburgen, Joan of Arcadia & Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Dale with his dad Robert.

Robert (Richard Jenkins, Six Feet Under & The Visitor) is a Doctor and is holding a talk on hearing aids when he becomes mesmerized with a beautiful woman in the audience. The two hook-up in a hotel room and share personal details during the stripping of clothing and coincidentally share their 39 and 40 year old sons both still live at home.

The very next scene marks marriage for the aging couple and the integration of the two families into one home. Brennan and Dale immediately don't like each other and are fighting over dinner like kids. Due to the size of Roberts house Brennan and Dale have to share a bedroom. The two end their first night in the same house threatening to kill each other, whilst whispering. Well, they can't wake their folks up.

The two proceed to dick with each other, Brennan paints a realistic looking prosthetic bloody split on Dale's head, Dale retorts by booting Brennan off the family boat when no-ones looking while one writes 'I love chrystal meth' on back of the others shirt in permanent marker.

During a fight Brennan drops his balls all over Dale's drums. A 'savage fight' breaks out in the front yard culminating in the brothers knocking each other out with a baseball bat and a golf club simultaneously.

More alike than they both realise, Brennan and Dale both sleepwalk. Brennan puts his mothers purse in the freezer and Dale cooks pillows in the oven. The sleepwalking scenes in the film are hilarious and are just as silly as the film's premise and does offer some of the funniest moments.

Brennan's arrogant younger brother Derek (Adam Scott, The Aviator) is successful, has great abs and is a total tool. He offers to sell Robert's house giving the Doctor a great deal meaning Brennan and Dale must get jobs and ultimately find somewhere to live.

After a confrontational scene in the tree house, Dale punches Derek in the face and marks the the moment our Step Brothers become buddies.

Apart from a somewhat lame clichéd finish assumingly intentional by Director Adam McKay the picture is redeemed by the Crouching Tiger homage at the end.

The movie has a very simple premise a works very well with amusing dialogue, a fantastic cast and decent believable acting. The humour of this comedy is mindless in a Dumb and Dumber kind of way, very amusing yet disturbing. John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell play the roles as if the two characters we children but middle age. Original and believable! Cameos include Seth Rogen, Phil LaMarr and Horatio Sanz. Their are Multiple laugh out loud moments, wait for the pair to build bunk beds, Derek's wife, Alice to strain a back muscle during dinner and also when Robert finds out what happens when you wake a sleepwalker.

Consider the deleted scenes starring Rob Riggle as Randy a treat. Make sure you get a copy of Step Brothers Two-Disc Edition if you own a PSP and transfer it using the free digital copy.


Will FerrellBrennan Huff
John C. ReillyDale Doback
Mary SteenburgenNancy Huff
Richard JenkinsDr. Robert Doback
Adam ScottDerek Huff
Kathryn HahnAlice Huff
Andrea SavageDenise
Rob RiggleRandy
DirectorAdam McKay
ProducerJudd Apatow

Movie Trivia: Revealed in the DVD extras through outtakes and the obligatory making of documentary, the movie was made with a loose script allowing the performers to improvise during multiple takes. One improvised scene which was edited out has Dale clinging on the the windscreen and Brennan launching his bike at Roberts car as he tries to leave the house.


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