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Superbad Movie Review and Trailer

Superbad From the makers of The 40 year old virgin and Knocked up, Superbad opens with the lead characters, Seth and Evan, discussing their favourite porn sites over the phone. Both are ready to graduate high school in 2 weeks but the cool kids seem to hate them, their not even invited to Jessie's graduation party after the prom.

Jules is having a party of her own as her folks are out of town and after speaking with Seth in cookery she's invited both Seth and Evan to the party. They weren't planning to invite their inconceivably nerdy buddy Fogell but when he declared that he's getting a fake ID later that day, they invite him to buy the beer for the entire party.

Fogell gets his ID and after having the option to pick any name he can think of he selected his name to be 'mclovin' from Hawaii.

Just as he's about to nervously pay, the flimsy fake ID approved by clerk a thug bursts in, smashes mclovin in the face and splits with all the money from the till.

Seth and Evan see the cop car after following a hot chick round the corner and assume that Fogell's getting arrested for trying to buy alcohol underage, Seth proceeds freak-out whilst a car reverses into him, the driver claims there is a warrant for his arrest and will do anything to not get the cops involved. The guy claims he's going to a party and he can get the boys ale... Unbeknownst to Seth and Evan, the offbeat cops have offered to drop Fogell at the party with his sack of bottles.

Seth Rogen stars alongside Bill Hader as two cavalier policemen with a penchant for drinking on duty and are easily one of the movies highlights. The film on a whole is very amusing, the humorous one-liners are numerous. This is one of those films you'll need to watch twice. A feel-good teen movie in the vein of American Pie or Road Trip, you will want to watch it again immediately after seeing it.


Jonah HillSeth
Michael CeraEvan
Christopher Mintz-PlasseFogell
Seth RogenSeth Rogen
Bill HaderOfficer Slater
Martha MacIsaacBecca
Emma StoneJules
Aviva FarberNicola
DirectorGreg Mottola
ProducerJudd Apatow

Movie Trivia: Superbad opened at number one at the US box office in 2007 grossing and estimated 33 million dollars during the opening weekend in three thousand theaters averaging around 12 grand per theater. The movie has grossed almost 200 million dollars since it's release and was a massive financial and artistic success.


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