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Superman Returns Movie Review and Trailer

Superman ReturnsSuperman has left Earth as Scientists have discovered distant remains of his home planet of Krypton. In an attempt to see if his home world still exists Superman vanishes from Metropolis without as much as saying goodbye to Lois. Strangely, Clark Kent has also left and returned during the same period.

As an explosion in a field at the Kent residence interrupts Marthas game of Scrabble she decides to investigate, upon finding the spacecraft which has left a blazing mess in her field, Martha is reunited with Clark who has returned to earth after a five year absence.

The not all too nice Lex Luthor sets about an expedition to the north pole to the Fortress of Solitude and takes Superman's Kryptonite in an effort to harness its power and stumbles upon a recording of Superman's father Jor-El only to learn everything Superman wouldn't want him or anyone to know.

Taking his new found possession of Kryptonite, Lex plans to create a new continent off the coast of the US that will destroy Metropolis and most of America, only Superman can help but with his weakness being the very substance of what is growing in the ocean how can he?

The scenes with Superman and Lois are generally quite moving especially with with the accompaniment of the score by John Williams.

You can really see why the film had such a ridiculously massive budget, from the very beginning the quality of the special effects are almost overwhelming.

The soundtrack boasts a compendium of famous classical music, usually as a bed for when Kevin Spacey occupies the screen as super villain Lex Luthor and complements both the picture and scenes.


Brandon RouthSuperman/ Clark Kent
Kate BosworthLois Lane
Kevin SpaceyLex Luthor
Parker PoseyKitty Kowalski
James MarsdenRichard White
Frank LangellaPerry White
Sam HuntingtonJimmy Olsen
Eva Marie SaintMartha Kent
DirectorBryan Singer
ProducerBryan Singer

Movie Trivia: Superman Returns grossed in excess of fifty million dollars in it's opening weekend. This was only a dent in the productions budget which was over two hundred million dollars.


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