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The brand new sitcom FM set in a fictional London radio station follows a group of fame-starved friends who run a daily indie-inspired radio show. Exclusive to ITV2, the show debuts on your TV Wednesday February 25 2009.

The show, written by Oliver Lansley and Ian Curtis of Holby City fame is based on the Channel 4 pilot of Comedy Lab: FM. Originally broadcast in 2006 the show was commissioned in 2008 and began broadcasting it's first series of six episodes on February 25th at 22.30.

The show stars Chris O'Dowd who is best known from the hit Channel 4 show The IT Crowd as the retro t-shirt wearing Roy. O'Dowd appears in FM as radio show host Lindsay Carol, a sharp and witty Chris Moyles type who shares his favourite music and stories of his totally misguided personal life with his loyal listeners. Constantly upstaged by fellow radio host and cool urban DJ, Topher Kiefer played by Craig David lookalike O-T Fagbenle Lindsay is desperate to be as cool off air as on in the world of music.

Lindsay's dippy co-host Dom Cox played by Kevin Bishop manages to offend each musical guest that visits their studio, usually through excessive partying, his tardy antics and his general inability to take his job seriously. Lindsay's producer, Jane Edwards played by actress Nina Sosanya of Teachers fame is supposed to keep the hosts under control and running a timely schedule, but she very rarely achieves this herself. Like Lindsay and Dom, Jane is an eternal singleton and they all revel in each others dating disasters.

When asked to describe his character Chris O'Dowd shared "Lindsay Carol is an independent radio DJ with aspirations to be one of the cool gang, but an inability in any way to appear cool or integrate himself with the rock n' roll world. He would very much like to be in those circles, but he can’t quite manage it."

Chris even did some Al Pacino style research in the build-up to the role "I went and watched some DJs'. I wanted to see how they operated in a studio, especially as it is such an oral medium. I saw Alex Zane, Chris Moyles and Chris Evans and they were very informative."

When asked what made him choose to work on the show he replied "I liked the script, I liked the tone of it and I like Kev."

Potentially homage to The Young Ones, each episode features a performance from a famous band in the FM studio, such as The Charlatans, The Wombats, Guillemots, Ladyhawke, The Subways and Sway. As well as celebrity guest appearances including Justin Hawkins, Marianne Faithfull, Toyah Wilcox, Jamie Theakston, Konnie Huq and BBC Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood.


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