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Catterick TV Review and Clips

Catterick Returning home from the army in Cyprus, Carl Palmer (played by Bob Mortimer) meets his brother Chris (Vic Reeves) at the train station. Carl left his son Paul with his mother when he was just four years old and went into the army, the fine BBC comedy series documents Carl trying to find his son.

The two brothers stay at the Mermade hotel once reunited in Catterick. Matt Lucas stars as Roy Oates, the Mermade hotel owner with whom the boys develop a special relationship with. Vic also plays DI Keith Fowler who viewers of Bang Bang It's Reeves and Mortimer will remember as Kinky John.

Similar to the League of Gentleman Vic, Bob and Matt play numerous characters in the show. Speaking of League of Gentleman, Reece Shearsmith and Mark Gatiss appear and deliver sterling acting in their respective roles.

Morwenna Banks and Mark Benton are fantastic in their supporting roles as Tess and mark.

Each episode features a song perfectly mimed by a cast member in a Flight of the Concords style.

Vic and Bob are on fine form with some of their most memorable writing here, it's just unfortunate that the BBC didn't commission a second series or push it as being a show equal in quality as League of Gentleman or possibly even Little Britain. Perhaps the interlocking story arc meant that you really needed to see each episode and couldn't jump in mid series hurt it in the ratings.

Vic and Bob in Catterick is quite simply underrated and deserves a look if you like Vic an Bob or enjoy a little 'alternative' humour.


Vic ReevesChris Palmer
Bob MortimerCarl Palmer
Morwenna BanksTess
Mark BentonMark
Matt LucasRoy Oates
Tim HealyIan
Charlie HigsonPat
DirectorMatt Lipsey
ProducerLisa Clark
Seasons/ Series1

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