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Curb Your Enthusiasm TV Review and Clips

Curb Your Enthusiasm From the co creator of Seinfeld, Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm is an awesome HBO show that is every bit witty and cerebral as the NBC success story that was Seinfeld.

Larry David plays a version of himself which always seems to say the wrong or right thing depending how you look at it. Comedian Richard Lewis also plays himself as a show regular and works well off Larry in their exchanges on camera.

Being an HBO show the language and content has minimal constraints and is obviously going to be more realistic than some of the American network TV shows currently which could potentially be considered kids shows in this indecency crazed modern era in the states.

Larry regularly elicits cringes while watching the show, but in a good way, usually as a result of his self inflicted scenarios, most of which seem perfectly plausible when you actually think about it. In one episode Larry befriends a prostitute just so he can use the car pool lane to get somewhere quicker. Think about it, that's a great idea.

The unmistakable theme sounds pritay, pritay, priiitay good and fits the feel of the show perfectly.

Curb is simply one of the cleverest modern comedies of the 21st century.


Larry DavidLarry David
Cheryl DavidCheryl Hines
Jeff GreeneJeff Garlin
Susie GreeneSusie Essman
Richard LewisRichard Lewis
Marty FunkhouserBob Einstein
WandaWanda Sykes
DirectorLarry Charles
ProducerLarry David
Seasons/ Series7

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