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Goodnight Sweetheart TV Review and Clips

Goodnight Sweetheart Written by The New Statesman and Birds of a Feather creators Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran, Goodnight Sweetheart is a 'modern comedy set in the past'.

Escaping the type-casting of Rodney Trotter in one of Britain's best loved and well remembered comedies, Only Fools And Horses, Nicholas Lindhurst returned to a BBC prime time sitcom and starred as affable TV repairman Gary Sparrow.

First broadcast in 1993, the show documents the life of Gary, who while looking for directions to Hugh Gatskill house to do a little TV repair work takes a stroll down 'Duckett's Passage' and accidentally stumbles back in time almost fifty years to the early 1940's to which he believes he has found a war themed pub, that is until a very real air raid strikes.

Living a double life using his new found ability to time travel, Gary finds somewhat of a hobby in travelling back to wartime England to spend time with the daughter of the Royal Oaks landlord, Phoebe. Usually impressing her with songs he has written, typically Beatles songs.

The show ran for six series between 1993 and 1999 and had a successful run on BBC 1. With the exception of a few annoying cast changes the show is one of Britain's finest nineties comedies.


Nicholas LyndhurstGary Sparrow
Dervla KirwanPhoebe Bamford
Michelle HolmesYvonne Sparrow
Liz CarlingPhoebe Sparrow
Emma AmosYvonne Sparrow
Victor McGuireRon Wheatcroft
Christopher EttridgePC Reg Deadman
DirectorRobin Nash
ProducerJohn Bartlett
Seasons/ Series6

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