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Roswell TV Review and Clips

Roswell Roswell, later Roswell High, is a science fiction TV show based in New Mexico, USA set around three young teenagers who, as aliens landed in the Roswell space crash in 1947. Surviving the UFO crash the three become adopted and enter normal lives within the population.

The show opens with what was at the time a charming opening song by Dido called 'Here With Me' and until it was played to death on the radio was quite enjoyable. Even though the producers changed much of the music for the DVD release due to licensing issues the Dido theme remains, which is a good thing.

After a shooting at the café where Liz Parker works Max Evans runs to her aid and essentially saves her life with his alien powers and in turn reveals to her that he is an alien. The show documents the lives of the main characters in school life and their struggle of keeping the alien thing a secret among the increasing group of people who know the truth including a suspicious sheriff played expertly by actor William Sadler perhaps best known from the film The Shawshank Redemption.

Personally, I first discovered Roswell in 2001 on Sky One which was broadcasted on Thursdays after a Simpsons Double Bill at 8pm. The first season was fantastic and up until a few years ago I had only just bought the DVD and got to see the last half dozen episodes. I have never seen nor will I ever watch Roswell season two or Roswell season three as I have read and briefly seen awful things! To me the first season is almost perfect story telling and as the writers had obviously not banked on the show getting renewed for a second season they essentially wrote the culmination within the first 22 episodes. Seasons two and three do not look good, if someone can enlighten me otherwise I'll stick to my thoughts on Roswell season one which really is essential viewing for fans of the X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed.


Jason BehrMax Evans
Shiri ApplebyLiz Parker
Katherine HeiglIsabel Evans
Brendan FehrMichael Guerin
Majandra DelfinoMaria DeLuca
Colin HanksAlex Whitman
William SadlerSheriff Jim Valenti
DirectorJason Katims
ProducerJohn Heath
Seasons/ Series3

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